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Austin Texas Senior Photos
Dripping Springs Mercer Street Photography
Mercer Street Dripping Springs

Mercer Street Senior Photography

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Austin Senior Photography

Dripping Springs Photography

Savannah’s mom reached out to me and said she wanted to surprise her daughter with a photo shoot for her birthday. I thought it was literally the best birthday present I’d ever heard! I’m totally not biased at all. 😉  Savannah woke up and immediately got her hair and makeup done and then we started the shoot. Savannah was so easy going the whole time. I was also impressed that she rolled out of bed, had no preparation and was instantly a gorgeous model for me. Thanks for letting me a part of your big day Savannah! Happy birthday!

Makeup & Hair: Lauren Davis

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austin castle hill graffiti senior photography

state capitol photography

castle hill graffiti austin

state capitol senior photos

graffiti austin senior photography

graffiti park senior photos

texas capitol senior photos

capitol senior photography

castle hill senior photography

downtown austin senior photos

Jordan is yet another gorgeous high school senior I’ve had the pleasure to shoot. We got to spend our shoot at the State Capitol and Castle Hill Graffiti Park. She was so much fun and so easy going. She was even up for climbing to the second level of the graffiti park (which was no easy task). It was pretty cool cause neither of us totally biffed it going up or down. I’d call that a success. 🙂  Her mom made things even more awesome by looking up some jokes on her phone while we shot. I’m talking Laffy Taffy or Popsicle stick quality jokes. The best. Thanks for a fun shoot girls!

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McKinney Falls Senior Shoot

McKinney Falls High School Senior

Downtown Austin Senior Photography

McKinney Falls Senior Photos

McKinney Falls Austin Photography

East 6th Street Austin

McKinney Falls Senior Photography

Austin Senior Photography

Downtown Senior Photos

Senior Photography Downtown Austin

6th Street Senior Photos

Maeve is a high school senior and an absolute delight. She is the sweetest and obviously, she’s gorgeous. We had so much fun shooting at McKinney Falls (which actually had some “falls” this time. yay!) and roaming the streets of downtown Austin. She knows how to make anything from a waterfall to a crazy old building look good. Thanks for such an amazing shoot Maeve and for bringing sunshine on an otherwise gloomy day. 🙂

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Mercer Street Photo Shoot

Dripping Springs Senior Photography
Dripping Springs Mercer Photography

High Pointe Senior Photography

Dripping Springs High School Senior Photos
Dripping Springs Senior Shoot
Dripping Springs High School Hi Steppers

Dripping Springs High Senior Photography

Mercer Street Senior Photos
Dripping Springs Hi Steppers

Aubrey is a senior at Dripping Springs High School and such a sweetheart. She is a Hi Stepper at her school, and as it turns out Hi Steppers have the coolest outfits. I mean with boots, fringe, and a sparkly cowboy hat you can’t go wrong. We shot around Dripping and made our way to Mercer Street. It was a lovely night, with slightly cool weather and a girl who’s even cooler! (See what I did there??) Thanks for sharing your gorgeous self with me Aubrey!

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Kayla 10

McKinney Falls State Park Senior Photography

Senior Photos McKinney Falls State Park

McKinney Falls Senior Session

McKinney Falls Senior Session


Austin Senior Photography

Austin Texas Senior Pictures

Harp Senior Session

Kayla 15
Harp Photography Senior Photos
Kayla is a senior at Bowie High School this year and a mean harpist! I was so excited when she said she wanted to bring it on the shoot. She played a little while I was taking her pictures. (And between you and me, I definitely took more pictures than I needed to, just so I could keep hearing her play!) It was beautiful. I don’t know how these girls are all so beautiful and talented! But it’s official, I wanna play the harp now.  I had so much fun and big thanks to Kayla’s sweet mom for being the harp wrangler and moving it around on the shoot. Thanks girls!

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